Coming Up

Introducing our new two-weekly folk session, looking ahead to our 7th birthday party and the festive period, let's see what's coming up.

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Interested in playing at OBI?  Or got press enquiries?  Please email note we receive a lot of enquiries so will endeavour to reply to as many as possible.


Coming Up

All our events can be found, in a bit more detail, on our Facebook page.  You don’t need a Facebook account to view them, so just follow the link HERE.

Thursday 5th October, 8.30pm

Howl and The Hum


Thursday 12th October, 8.30pm

Brownbear (solo), with support from Gordon James & The Power 


Thursday 19th October, 8.30pm

Findlay Napier 


Thursday 26th October, 8.30pm

Coca Tenorio 


Saturday 28th October, 9.30pm till late

Brass Gumbo's New Orleans Voodoo Halloween Party

The Wook & F.O.N.O (For One Night Only), aka OC & Calton Toi


Wednesday 22nd November, 8.30pm

Lizabett Russo & Graeme Stephen 

If you have any queries please call The Bunkhouse on 01479811181, or the Inn on 01479 811137.

Please note we are not taking any more bookings from now until Christmas time.